A Delhi-based renowned QSR brand, Lockdown, and Covid restrictions halted the sales and hit the brand deeply in 2020-21.

With our campaigns, creative content, and engaging strategies, we drove a stunning 130% increase in order volume.


We were assigned to help the brand in recovering from COVID effects and boost online & Offline sales. Our campaigns were designed to win back the trust and confidence of consumers and expand the brand's presence in untapped areas.

  • Performance

  • Month On Month Sales

    130% Increase in order volume

  • Growth in May

    65% in Topline Sales

  • Growth in June

    65% in Topline Sales

  • Growth in July

    65% in Topline Sales

Open Project
⬤ 01. Challenges

Getting an extra audience of
worldwide users engaged in
a new visual identity, by
letting them quick touring.

Ohio is a global leader in retail marketing, with over 5,000 staff. At the start of 2020, was ready to launch their new visual identity but faced a recognizable challenge: how to get all 80,000 engaged?

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